I would have to say that this product meets and exceeds expectations and performs as well and even better than the manufacturer claims.” Karen Chaton, Champion Endurance Rider, Author of “Karen’s Product Reviews


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Equi Cool Down products are fantastic for llamas too! A guest blog by ECD friend Zoe Rutledge


Equi Cool Down products are fantastic for llamas too! Yes, llamas need to stay cool too, especially since they are not heat-tolerant creatures. A few years ago, my family lost a young llama to heat stress. She was the first llama that my family farm had ever lost, so it hit my family of three […]

Equi Cool Down and Back On Track – A Match Made in Heaven!

Hello Again Everyone, I hope everyone wintered well! As we are approaching the competitive season (I know some of you never left it), part of my training routine for Spider is to give him the winter months off. He gets to relax, and rest his muscles that he used vigorously all summer long. In the […]