Why Cool Down?

Whether you realize it or not, on hot days you will instinctively stop to cool your body down. You may stand in the shade, fan yourself down, drink water, or welcome the cool breeze of a fan. But why cool down? Heat does a few things to your body:

  • Your temperature increases.
  • Your body sweats to try and cool you down.
  • Your heart rate increases.
  • You feel the fatigue brought on by long, hot days.

Did you know that when your horse needs to cool down, he will often exhibit similar symptoms?

  • Flared nostrils.
  • Breathing hard.
  • Rising body temperature.
  • Sweating.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Dilated blood vessels standing out from underneath the skin.

The symptoms tell you one thing: Heat hurts, so cool it quick.

Cool down inside and out.

Proper hydration and electrolyte replacement for the inside of your horse is key. But what about cooling off the outside of your horse? The tried and true method is cool- or cold-hosing, but for this method to be effective, the water must immediately be scraped off to remove the heat, then start again with multiple repetitions. As long as you have a source of cold water and some time – and an unending supply of free water, which is not the case in drought-stricken areas or city water – this is an effective way to cool your horse down.

Equi Cool Down is the portable and better way to chill out.

Wherever you are – home, on the road, even on the trail, if your horse gets overheated, Equi Cool Down has the revolutionary answer with our cooling products for horses and humans. Wet your Equi Cool Down wraps and towels with ANY water – even hot – and it instantly chills down to start transferring heat away from  your horse’s body. (And yours too!)

  • Provide instant cooling relief by simply adding water – any temperature will do!
  • Help stabilize your horse’s body temperature.
  • Minimize inflammation.
  • Reduce soreness.
  • Cool your horse’s joints and limbs after exercise.
  • Save water! In light of crippling droughts and new water restrictions in California and other locales, Equi Cool Down is the eco-friendly choice.

Beyond the body, neck and leg wraps for horses, riders can enjoy the same relief with Equi Cool Down’s towel, headband, and helmet/hat-lining beanie, and avoid dangerous heatstroke when out on the trail or showing/training on a hot day.

Just one heatstroke means a lifetime of being more prone to it again.

Be smart and Cool It Quick with Equi Cool Down’s full line of cooling products for horses and humans.

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