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EquiCool Down – Provides a patented, revolutionary cooling technology for horses and riders!

* Rapid stabilization of core temperature
* Effective for treatment of injuries
* Quicker recovery during shows and events
* Alleviates symptoms of Anhidrosis
* Support for horses with Cushings, Laminities, and other ailments
* Cooling solution during transportation 

NO Gels!      NO Beads!   NO Frozen Inserts!   NO Tissue Damage!

Patented Cooling Technology

Safe to use directly on your horse’s body, the innovative wraps are ideal for every equestrian.

  • Full Body Wrap
  • Neck Wrap
  • Hock Wrap
  • Knee Wrap
  • Leg Wrap

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely – in fact we recommend it!  Each wrap is treated with an antimicrobial wash twice which helps prevent mold and mildew so be sure to wash each wrap before storing.  Wash in cold water to prevent fading using mild detergent.  Fabric softener is not recommended as it may impede absorption.

First, don’t panic…the wrap is fine!  We actually recommend drying out the wrap prior to long-term storage (see ECD Storage Tips).  As the wrap dries, the nature of the fabric is for it to become hard & stiff.  Don’t bend the material when dried out as it could crack, but when you are ready to use it again just soak in any temperature water, or put in washing machine, and it will return to the original state.

It is never recommended to leave the wraps on your horse while unattended.  Remember, they are meant to serve a purpose – to cool.  Please monitor the wraps to be sure they have plenty of air (see question #4) while ensuring they stay moist as well.

Because it is doing its job!  The wrap will pull the heat out of the horse.   When the wrap starts to warm and it is still moist – you can apply air by walking the horse or using a fan, but we recommend removing the wrap and waving it in the air.  This way you can take a second to feel the skin to judge how much longer you need to apply cooling (place one hand where it was and one where it wasn’t).   With the body wraps, just put your hand beneath and then gently flap the sides to apply air.

Wash, fold and set aside to dry.  The fabric will become hard, which is perfectly fine.  Be careful not to bend the hard fabric as it could crack.  When you are ready to use the wraps again, simply soak and wring out excess water after it is saturated or throw in the washer. Please see ECD Storage Tips for more information.

 As long as you’d like!  Just keep the fabric moist and apply air when the wrap starts to warm (see question #4 above) and it will stay cool.

Absolutely – we encourage it!  Please see ECD with Epsom Salt for more information. Just wash wrap after each use to store clean.

The absolute key to our wraps success is not to over-saturate.  If you find them getting dry, use a mist setting on a hose, a spray bottle or a plastic tank garden sprayer (found in most hardware stores).  With the smaller wraps you may immerse them in water or run under water but be sure to wring them out to a damp state and wave prior to placing on horse.

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