Champion Endurance Rider Karen Chaton’s Review on Equi Cool Down Products

“I would have to say that this product meets and exceeds expectations and performs as well and even better than the manufacturer claims.” Karen Chaton, Champion Endurance Rider, Author of “Karen’s Product Reviews”

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Pro Equine Grooms liked the leg wrap as a hock wrap, too!

Grooms and horse owners face a few major obstacles during their daily barn routine: Dirt and sweat. We also need to contend with taking care of our horses, in all sorts of weather and conditions. We are responsible for cooling them out. We are responsible for taking care of their tendons after exercise. We need to help them normalize their body temperatures in some conditions. Then, and only then, do we tend to our own needs. (Which, by the way, are similar to the horse’s needs, we just come second.)

The entire Equi Cool Down Line of cooling products will help you do those things (for your and your horse). I’ll go ahead and tell you that the line of products is vast, and the technology is awesome and the price points are Groom friendly.

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It can be hard to beat the summer heat, especially when you spend most of your time at the barn or in the saddle. Access to a freezer or fridge can be hard to come by, and many cooling products for horse or rider require refrigeration or freezing of the materials first.

Equi Cool Down line of cooling products are different, though: all that’s necessary to activate the product’s cooling properties is to get it wet. The water doesn’t even have to be cold – according to Equi Cool Down, the “patent-pending textile technology uses an advanced hyper-evaporative material. When activated, the [material] will drop up to 22 degrees colder than the outside temperature…The cooling effect can last for hours!”

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Elite Equestrian Cooling Products Review of Equi Cool Down

Jacksonville, FL (February 3, 2014) – As most equestrians know, when their horses give their best, whether inside the show ring, in a training arena, or out on the trail, they usually work up quite a sweat. And just like human athletes, horses deserve a well-earned break and way to cool down and relax after a hard work out. However, for horses, the chance to cool down isn’t just something they enjoy, it’s something they absolutely need. Now it is easier than ever for equine athletes to get the cool relief they need thanks to an innovative new line of cooling products from Equi Cool Down. These amazing products are made from a patent-pending textile technology that uses an advanced hyper-evaporative material. When activated by applying water, the wrap will drop up to 22 degrees colder than the outside temperature, providing for gradual, non-invasive cooling.

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