I would have to say that this product meets and exceeds expectations and performs as well and even better than the manufacturer claims.” Karen Chaton, Champion Endurance Rider, Author of “Karen’s Product Reviews

Cooling in Barrel Racing


My name’s Ashley Bull. I’m a straight shooter..and if you know me you can 100% agree with that statement, if you don’t-you will soon find out. I love meeting new people and hearing your stories/comments, so please feel free to reach out and contact me. I am on facebook, instagram and twitter (ashleyylynn77) But please also keep in mind that I am human, I am a girl, and I also have a personal life-these are my personal accounts and I am inviting you into my life, because I’m a nice person 😉
Who am I?
I’m just a girl with a heart for horses. I have grown up on the back of a horse. I have shown at club shows since the age of two, competed in rodeos since the age of 11, I have done a Wind Rider Challenge, an Extreme Cowboy Race, and the list goes on. We have a boarding facility that at any given time has 40 plus horses. We have a Precision Team (King Lyn Stable Precision Team). We also have a tack shop on site (Connie’s Tack Shop).
Who are we?
The absolute love of my life’s name is Spider. You will hear me talk about him again and again. I have had him since he was 5 years old and we have done everything together. From teaching him to barrel race to nursing him through a severe fence injury-we did it together. We have won three Rodeo Barrel Racing Championships together, and qualified for multiple Rodeo Finals together. He is my best friend-my one in a million! My other handsome boy is Alfie-he was born and raised on our farm. He started off showing both Western and English performance and is now my up and coming rodeo horse-this being his second year on the tour. He is my second in a million horse…I’m a very lucky girl!


Cooling in Barrel Racing and Pole Bending: #turnandburn #canchaser #getlow #ridefast #weave …you’ve seen it all. I don’t need to explain the sport. Tight turns, fast times-it is hard on your horse. Especially when the rodeo starts at two in the afternoon-it’s hot! You need to warm your horse up, get the blood pumpin’. Then you go and run for hopefully no more than 15/16 seconds, or 21/22 seconds and your horse comes out, nostrils flared, veins popped. How about you? Did you remember to breathe through that? Hopefully you take care of your horse first…walk him out-get the breathing back, get him untacked-bridle, saddle and boots off, and then the cooling process. Cool water hose-but the water coming off is still piping hot? Do you stand there until the water coming off is at least body temperature, or cooler? Or Sponging-how many buckets do you use? This is a lengthy process that I myself have always hated. Then you can undress yourself. There is nothing worse than seeing a fellow competitor come back and get themselves changed before taking care of their equine partner. There is a solution…
I was introduced to ECD through our Tack Shop. I am a firm believer in trying products on myself before trying them on my horses. Since my horse can’t tell me if something is or isn’t working, I need to figure it out myself. The first product I tried was the headband. I am an extreme migraine sufferer. I wore the headband while riding outside and could not believe how it kept me cool and kept the sweating to a minimum. And once I was finished, I grabbed my towel to wipe down my face and neck, then drape over my shoulders. It really was quite something. At that point I became more curious about the product. If it could make me feel like that, what can it do for my better half? So I decided to try the leg wraps. Simply playing around with them to see how they worked, I could not believe it! I put them on Spider’s legs, left them for two hours and came back-wraps still cold! I’m not going to say I was shocked…but I’m not not going to say it-if you know what I mean! I took the wraps off, and guess what; Spider’s legs were cool underneath too. This may not seem like a huge break through to you, but to me I got pretty excited! I would not plan to leave wraps on that long after an exercise but after two hours of not being touched and still cold-wow!
I have used a clay poultice in the past after a competition-and believe that I am not saying anything negative about them, they are great! But in between events at a rodeo or a horse show I am not going to poultice my horse. I’m not even keen on poulticing Spider after a rodeo for the trailer ride home-he likes to face paint and it ends up everywhere! ECD means no mess, no hassle. KISS-keep it simple stupid. Who doesn’t like easy?! Wet, Wring, Shake, Enjoy.
Since starting to use ECD I have had my horses do some unnecessary exercising in our hay field (my three good rodeo horses) and I needed to get their body temperatures down-ASAP. The neck and body wrap did an amazing job of both reducing temperature and minimizing sweat in such a short amount of time (one neck wrap, one body wrap-3 horses)! We had a flat tire on the way to a rodeo-not only the humans in the truck were enjoying the cool towels but as was my dog! She thought she wasn’t going to make it-and as we were on a major highway I was uncomfortable taking her out of the truck! I placed the towel on her belly and held her like a baby, and she went right to sleep.
I’m not a sales rep, I don’t make commission. I love horses. I love seeing riders kick it up a notch. I also “don’t fix what’s not broken”. Here I am at the end of July switching up my ‘routine’ if you will…and I NEVER do that. I must keep everything the same from the hair elastic I used last competition to the nail polish on my finger nails (there are others I dare not mention! :P). But I came across this product, and I can’t not put it into my routine! All I’m trying to do is spread the word about how amazing it is and hope that you will give it a try-if not for you, for your horse, your dog, your mom, dad, sister, brother…just kidding-who cares about your siblings (I’m an only child). Start out small, try it for yourself and see. And by all means, contact me! No hate mail please, I don’t want it and I don’t need it-I’m opening up for you my friends. Besides, you don’t want my sass 😉 I will continue to share my experiences with ECD using stories and pictures, and I hope you will join us!
Ashley, Spider, and Alfie

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  1. DavidJanuary 7, 2016 at 4:16 am #

    Hi Ashleyylynn,

    Nice to see your Blog about ECD could you please let me confirm your shop contact details including email ID & phones to reach thanks


  2. AshleyJanuary 7, 2016 at 10:39 am #

    Hi David,

    The number for our shop is 519-347-2473.
    The e-mail address to be in touch with is:
    Please be patient as that is my mom’s e-mail address is she does…well with technology, but not great!lol.
    I can also give you my e-mail should you have any other questions:

  3. DanielleSeptember 13, 2016 at 10:08 am #

    Great article. You are right it can be very time consuming trying to keep your horse cooled down for a show. Let us know if you want a feature on our facebook page or instagram or I can actually share this post. Might be better to do right before summer or mid-summer. Looks like a nice product.

  4. JohnJanuary 26, 2017 at 5:26 am #

    Nice idea in the hot weather! I try to use it for my horse!

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