“Cool it Quick” Equine Cooling Wrap Giveaway!

If you follow us on Facebook, you probably saw our giveaway celebrating our new website launch! We asked our fans to share their best tip to beat the heat, and gave away an Equi Cool Down equine cooling wrap! Our winner, Tegan Tonsmeire, wanted to win the cooling body wrap to help her cope with southern Alabama summer heat. Lucky for her, she’ll no longer need to haul buckets of water and ice to cool her horses! Her winning tip was as follows:

Jordan Linstedt Eventing knows how to beat the heat!
Jordan Linstedt Eventing knows how to beat the heat!

“For our South Alabama heat, we use cold water or ice water immediately followed by sweat scrapers after a tough workout. Also be sure your horses’ respiration is back to normal before returning him to his stall or turnout to be positive that they are completely cooled!”

Tegan's Horse enjoying his Equi Cool Down body wrap!  Congratulations!
Tegan’s Horse enjoying his Equi Cool Down body wrap! Congratulations!

Several of our fans reminded us that water acts as an insulator, so remember, if you hose your horse, scrape them dry immediately – or better yet, ditch the hose and try our Equi Cool Down wrap, and no longer worry about your horse heating back up. We also had several fans tell us that they ride in the early morning or late afternoon, when it’s cooler and less buggy. Staying hydrated – taking water breaks yourself, or offering water more frequently to your horse, was suggested and is a great way to help lessen the risk of suffering from a heat related emergency.

Cheval Noire shared a gem with us that we wanted to feature, too: “Our tip? Never leave the barn without our Equi Cool Down equipment! But here’s a non horsey use- I suffer from migraines. They are especially horrible in the summer heat! The youth size towel is perfect around my neck when I feel one coming on and it diminishes the length of a full strength migraine if I don’t catch it before it gets bad. I usually have to take a prescription or pop Advil like tic tacs but have been med free since discovering Equi Cool Down!”

Wow! How cool is that?! There are so many uses for great Equi Cool Down equipment!

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