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Kate & Chief

“I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!!! The towels are great to put around your neck if you are riding, or just waiting for your next class. My horse LOVES the body wrap and I have trailered him in it with MUCH success. He suffers from Anhidrosis so keeping cool in the Florida heat is VERY important. I

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Lynn Ashby

Lynn has been training and racing Arabian racehorses for over 30 years, and has been the leading trainer for Arabians in the United States with 7 Darley Awards. “Based out of Delaware Park, you need to keep your horses cool and responsive, especially in the hot and humid summers. The Equi Col Down sheet was

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Logan’s Story

We received the following heartwarming note and photo via email: “When Logan, an older thoroughbred, collapsed during a trail ride in the hot Florida sun, Equi Cool Down was key in lowering his body temperature. As they waited for the veterinarian, a neighbor had the Equi Cool Down blanket on hand, and after just adding

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Sharon Gurney

I used the equi cool down wrap on my horse for the first time today. I cant believe how effective it was! The difference was really noticeable when i unloaded him from the float at home after a hot humid mid-day trip – not even sweaty! Im so impressed, thank you (in advance) for making

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Caryn Henry

The summer heat can take a lot out of your horse. Equi Cool Down products are an easy, affordable way to beat the heat. I love the body wrap and neck wrap for in the stall or even going down the road in the trailer. They are also great for non sweaters. The leg wraps

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