I would have to say that this product meets and exceeds expectations and performs as well and even better than the manufacturer claims.” Karen Chaton, Champion Endurance Rider, Author of “Karen’s Product Reviews


Equine Neck Wrap

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Equi Cool Down’s Equine Neck Wrap provides gentle, non-evasive cooling for neck soreness, post-injection swelling or overall cooling via the jugular. The versatile “one-size-fits-most” design using adjustable spandex straps holds the wrap in place without being too tight.

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Check out our How-To Video for care and use instructions.

24″€ Wide x 55″€ Tall with 70″€ Spandex-Velcro Straps.

Already a vet favorite – the Equi Cool Down Equine Neck Wrap provides gentle, non-evasive cooling for neck soreness, post-injection swelling or overall cooling via the jugular. The versatile “one-size-fits-most” design using adjustable spandex straps holds the wrap in place without being too tight.

The revolutionary Equi Cool Down wraps will put an end to the days of continuous hosing and scraping. To activate the cooling mechanism, simply spray with water and wave! The wraps contain NO gel, NO beads or crystals, NO frozen inserts, NO electricity needed. Equi Cool Down wraps gently cools effected areas, eliminating the risk of tissue damage from extreme cold. If the wrap feels warm to the touch after a few minutes, that simply means it is working! To reactivate the cooling the process, spray the wrap with water, warm or cold, and walk horse or flap sides to infuse air flow. It is THAT easy.

Equi Cool Down wraps are safe to place directly on your horse. No cover or sock is needed to keep the wrap debris free. If it gets dirty, simply hose it down, hand-wash or even put in your washing machine with a mild detergent. Use over and over again; Equi Cool Down wraps will still get cold!

On a trail ride not even remotely close to a hose? Trailering your horse? Any source of any temperature water will work; a pond, a well, a swimming pool – just fill a spray bottle and spray the wrap down. Keeping the wrap wet is the key to all-day coolness. These wraps are truly the most innovative product to hit the equine market!

Before using your new Equi Cool Down products on yourself or your horse, please be sure to read our instructions for use and watch our care & use video for maximum benefits. This will ensure that the products have sufficient water to do their job and keep you and your horse cool, while allowing circulation and not becoming over-saturated which can actually inhibit air flow and cooling effect. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in

Video: Use and Care

5 reviews for Equine Neck Wrap

  1. Amanda

    I’m not the kind to bother plnaicg comments on peoples’ weblogs typically but right after stumbling across yours I figured I would shoot a quick note to give me a short break from work. I have to confess that I’ve gotten a bit distracted going through and browsing a few of your articles I ought to probably be doing work. You have some very nice insights here, so I’ll add you to my Google Reader for the future. Take care!

  2. Ally Ciaccio

    I just wanted to say your products are amazing and come in handy my new horse and took a really bad fall and the top of his leg up by his shoulder was soar so I put the neck rap around it and did it for two days and he was all good as new.

    • Jennifer Campbell

      Great to hear, Ally and thank you for the message! Really speaks to the versatility of our products and we’ve heard that a lot from customers – from people using equine leg wraps on their own knee injuries, to equine neck wraps being used for stifle injuries and for dog cooling pads! We love feedback and really appreciate your taking time to let us know!

  3. Kate

    We absolutely LOVE our new neck wrap! It is designed to cover the jugular completely which I love!! It helps cool my horses core body temperature safely and efficiently. The neck wrap is super easy to adjust so it works on both my horses and also very easy to store. I also love that I can use it with the body wrap to have a whole body cooling effect. Now I just need you to make a body wrap for me! (I already have the neck towel).

  4. Juanita Singleton

    I have to say I honestly have not tried the neck wrap or products for the horse, though I plan to do so in short order. I can say that I use the towel and headband all the time throughout the summer. As you can imagine summers in FL are brutal, these towels give me the freedom to ride and work outside even in the heat. They are very thing one could expect.

  5. bre.curtis22

    I absolutely love the neck wrap. It is so easy to use and helps cool my horse down after I run her in the hot weather. Being sure my horse is okay and is able to cool down is the most important thing to me and I love the neck wrap and how it helps her cool down and stays cool. I highly recommend using Equi Cool Down!

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